Wednesday, 20 July 2005

So Bored

So Bored
Wanna read, go to sleep, eat Funyuns - just do anything other than work right now. What makes it worse is that the day is c r a w l i n g by. I'm willing myself to hold on until quitting time without screaming.

Brought in my own coffeemaker yesterday. Surprised to see it this morning, still sitting on my office bookshelf, all shiny blue and coffeemakery. It makes ten cups, so I can share with a lot of people. I send an email when a fresh pot's ready, but only after I've checked the pot to make sure no coffee grounds have eluded the filter and immigrated to my coffeepot. Whew, no grounds floating in the pot, so we're good. I hope they like Folgers.

More research. Project manager wants me to summarize 2 big-a$$ reports into a simple table. Okay. I'll give it a shot, comb through all this government legalese. PM'll probably tell me it's not exactly what she wants but it's a start.

Sure enough, PM gives it back to me with lots of questions marked in red. Says she wants me to 'dig deeper'. Okay. But it's 3:15 now and I leave at 4 (since I came in at 7am). And if I go back to reading this stuff for the second time today, my head will explode and several sharp screams will burst from my mouth. [Note to self: Check thesaurus for synonyms of the word 'scream'. May need to call on them frequently.]

Netflix sent me The Boondock Saints, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Bar Girls. Watched Boondock Saints after work. Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery play these twin brothers that feel called by God to rid the world of evildoers - permanently. They run through the Boston mafia and run from a mysterious assassin who in the end is not that mysterious. It was good and reaffirmed my faith in indie films. You just get the coolest stories and most interesting characterization from independent films.

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